Kitabtoon Organization is a free and an independent digital library of Pashto with a fast growing collection of more than 500 Pashto books on deferent topics from various sources and contributors around the world.

Kitabtoon Organization will try to continue its best efforts in compiling and publishing originals or copies of articles that are of value to the Pashtuns and their literature. These articles and other written material can be of research documents, books, periodicals, manuscripts and other written materials related to the Pashtun Community and their literature in its different ages and intellectual works and achievements in various disciplines of social sciences which are great heritage of Pashtuns around the world. 

Though in doing so Kitabtoon Organization highly relies on the contribution and the participation of libraries, publishers, authors and volunteers to ensure and extend their practical co operation towards organization for the best interest of Pashtun Community and their bright future.

If you find KO initiative and collection useful, it ought you to be involved.  Here are many ways of supporting Kitabtoon Organization:


Translating into Pashto

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The Kitabtoon Organization supports and initiates activities aimed at enriching study materials in Pashto language according to modern standards. Therefore the K. O. needs co-operation of highly trained professionals and scholars in preparing these study materials for educational purposes.

You can support K. O. achieve its long term goals by translating educational materials for students and invaluable contemporary works for common readers. To become part of the K. O. team please contact u and let us know your area of interest, we will provide the materials in accordance with your concern field for translation.

In case you have your initiative of your own K. O. will help you in the decision making process and give you honest and ethical advice.


by Authors & Translators

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Kitabtoon Organization provides a great platform for publishers and new authors to showcase their works in its eLibrary and reach a wide range of Pashto readers around the world. This will help you grow your reputation as a writer. If you send us digitized version of your printed works, it will make easy our job otherwise we need your permission for digitizing and publishing your book to the online eLibrary.

If you're interested in contributing or giving permission for free online edition, either now or in the future, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


by Publishers & Cultural Organizations

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Publishing houses, Cultural Organizations and Literary Societies (adabi tolane) have great quantity of published and unpublished research papers and printed books on defferent topics which specifically concerns to the turbulence events since 1979. 

Kitabtoon Organization would greatly appreciate it if you could help us enrich the digital K. O. elibrary by donating printed or digital copies of your published books and help us with copyright issues of these books.