The decades ongoing aggression on Pashtun land, and cultural isolation imposed on them on national and regional scale have been having devastating consequences for the Pashtun Community. These unfavorable circumstances has been a major setback  for the Pashtun Community on social, cultural fronts particularly on educational front which is the core development element for a community in the 21st century.

The same applies for the Pashto language. Despite being one of the best-known and major languages in the region with a long cultural and literary history and being spoken by over 50 million people, Pashto still is struggling for survival and recognition on national, regional and educational level.

Being aware of the difficult challenges lying ahead of our community, the Kitabtoon Organizations has dedicated itself to serve the Pashto Community and Pashto language specially on the educational front, by using the facilities made available in the current age of digital and instant communication. The Kitabtoon Organization sees cultural and educational awareness as a key strategy for bringing an end to the struggles of Pashtun Community on all these fronts.